white picket fence lesbians

you sneezed
on me. i
loved that!
do it again!
i like some
fluids better
than others.
wink. i like
porn with
you. we
eat cashews
from a
tin can.
we touch
elbows. you
flick your
scabs at
me. you’re
gross. sneeze
on me again.
my mother
watches at
home. she
claps. she
cries. i like to
move my
mother. she is
better in
motion. i
never know if
i should
explode during
a kiss, or wait.
we are porn
stars wearing
overalls. we
a brick house.
we leave it out
in the cold. a
woman plants
a tree. i like to
provide places
where beetles can
get to know
each other. we
smell like
fertilizer. good
one! we are the
last spoonful.
when we die, the
lawn will
swallow us. a
balding man will
put a birdbath over
us. it will be
blue and
ugly. oh.
well. someone
will make a TV
show about our
vibrators. my
mother is still