The Exquisite Woman

The exquisite woman, sitting
Robed at the hairdresser’s
With hands arranged
Like flowers,
Had her hair
Pinned in a heavy
Fixture. Her neck—
Erect from the collar—nearly
Lolled. Tanazaki: Under the robe,
Struts for hands
And a hollow. There were
No feet. Komparu: from the hollow, I saw
Light. Maybe he saw
Her neck. We run out in our
Dressing gowns to buy
Salad greens. The sun
Drips enormously.
Enclosed by the robe was
Void and the void
Was. The exquisite woman
Said: nothing engenders
More than a negative.
She made being
Occurrence by putting on
A robe. Her neck
Radiated from the
Hollow like energy held
In and over and put
In motion
By stillness. In dressing gowns
Your knees and belly
Are. I talked to her for
Three hours once
About how she takes care
Of her hands. She described
Creams and medicinal
Soaks, gloves indoors with
Their insides decadent
For the final presentation.
It is okay for pubic hair to be
Wet in a dressing
Gown: You kiss it. It was a
Good question. The sun is
Oversized like the woman’s
Labia when I asked her
To open her robe.
A vagina is constructed
Not unlike the character for
Interval which contains
The character for Light.
When she masturbated
With her exquisite hands
Her vagina was
Hollow and the event
In the same time. The dressing
Gowns are full and fat. We from
Them: Drip, come.