I have a meeting that will
Determine my fate – no no no,
You don’t get it, I have a meeting
With other humans, who will
Literally determine how I live
And where I die.
How do you approach that, how
Can you approach that: with
Trepidation, caution – with fear.
My wife – I haven’t married her yet
Asked if I knew what I was going to
Say, I told her I will
Beg for my life. I told her I will
Beg for our life. She cried.
I knew she did, i did not know
Why. Why? Maybe it’s because
She knows me, she knows that
I have a peasant’s pride & an eagle’s
Ego. She knows I do not
Beg. Maybe it is because she heard
A certain level of desperation in my voice:
A yelling. A screaming. A dying
That existed within the silence after
I told her. She knows I do not
Beg. I have been shot. Shackled
In a room for days. Condemned taunted
I did not utter a single word.
I have never begged.
I told her that begging is not
Humility, it is not being humble.
It is begging.
I told my wife – the one I haven’t married
Yet that I will do anything for her
She gave me crickets
I heard tears
I will beg for my life.