Song Among Songs (Fragments from שִׁיר הַשִּׁירִים)

My lady is like a city
walled to the skies
with towers for breasts.

Her neck a great column
         with trophies hung on it
                  the sword and shields
of the heroes of Israel.

And the teeth of my lady
like sheep from the washing
two by two, and none of them missing.

You are lovely
my lady—my sister, lovely!
Your eyes are like doves.


On my bed at night I sought him
beloved of my soul, who came
to gaze into my bedroom
through the lattice of the windows.

I have washed my feet already,
should I dirty them?

I have taken off my robe,
should I don it once again?


My lady is a high wall around a garden
where a fountain flows – her breasts
are towers from which arrows fly.

I will scale the wall
and brave the towers
to breathe the perfume
of the garden
when the wind blows
if you let me
oh my lady
bride and sister
eyes like doves.