Shift Report

Every 15 minutes I must update my report. Even when there is nothing to report I must update it. I must write “Nothing to report” in the “Update Your Report” box, and then I must click “Add to report” in order to add it. On some days, I must do this many times: every 15 minutes for a duration of hours. Today, I think: I will play a small game. I will write something different in the “Update Your Report” box. I write, “Patron requested my help,” though that is not true. I write, “Patron requested assistance.” I write, “Patron wishes to be sublimated into the icosphere, into the interstitial boundary of impossible space. Patron yearns for unspeakable movement, for horizonless void—for the key-frame-and-skeleton on wire grids beneath emptiness. Patron begs, bores, performs contortions of frame, and of frame rate, face selection—Please recalculate normals. Our facilities implode; patron’s ‘Request for Service’ failed; I, alive, gasping gamma-rays, directed patron to the circulation desk.” At the end of my shift, I must click “Submit your shift report.” I am scheduled from morning to night.


Winner of the Francis Bergen Prize