Niobe, Niobe was full. Niobe was full and to be filled is, her fingers popped out like filled balloons, revealed, every single one. Niobe was full. Niobe was full, be careful, Niobe was full and to take a picture. I am Niobe and to take a picture. Why don’t you take a picture. Niobe was full and in the crevices of her, in her double chins, she was full overfilled she was full don’t take a picture. Hey, hey now. Hey don’t look.

When I went to Niobe I tried not to look. When I went to Niobe I tried to feel, crevices made by fullness. I closed my eyes like this. I closed my eyes like a boy with wide eyes who will not sleep, a boy with blue wide eyes who will not sleep, a boy with eyes on a wall without crevices and you tell him close your eyes. Niobe was full and my eyes were closed with folding details like double chins and my fingers! I had no tools, and my fingers were too plump and too round, with my eyes shut tight, too round for the stone creases in her neck. The stone creases behind her ears, the stone crease between her thighs.

When I feel bread it has white powder on its crusts. When I feel bread it is fleshier than Niobe. I roll its insides into balls with the tips of my fingers and I stick it in my mouth. It is the right kind of white, inside.

Beheld by bodies with eyes that cannot see, that is, I may as well be Niobe, and I want bread. Niobe eats bread, it is sure, in bundles. Niobe eats bread and when you give her designer shoes with white golden buckles she says neither yes nor no. She gives you natural causes. She gives you natural causes in exchange for these things, that, does she want them, well, well yes and no, well. Niobe wants bread.

She wants bread and when I try to feel her with my eyes puckered shut, with my hand reaching between her thighs, she says, baby. Baby look at those boys. Baby honey look at those boys looking for natural causes look at those boys they want to give you the shoes with the white gold, look at all those boys baby open your eyes sweetheart, pretty girl, my pretty girl, you are giving yourself wrinkles pretty girl, with your eyes like that. Darling baby would you like some bread because God knows I don’t need any more.

Ah aha I say, ahaha, aha, hey, Niobe, Niobe I feel you. Niobe will you give me designer shoes. Niobe my eyes are forming creases like the crease between your thighs, like the creases around your cunt, you dirty fucking cunt you, hey, Niobe, can I please have some designer shoes because I can’t give you natural causes but maybe shoes can give me, give me them, maybe shoes can give them to me, but hey, maybe I could just open my eyes and have them, hey, hey I’ll take a picture, ahaha, hey I’ll buy you shoes, ha, hey Niobe you’re full you fucking cunt hey Niobe! Niobe I am full with my eyes like a boy’s holding in everything blue and wide but what do I have blue and wide I have nothing, hey Niobe, hey, what you got for me. Even sticks of fingers you know. Because I am losing my fingers like bread in your crevices. Hey Niobe I am you, of course. Niobe when eyes are shut. Niobe I am the devil cunt of you when eyes are shut, Niobe and when they are open.

Hey cunt girl look because I gave out natural causes once. I did once to a boy whose eyes were closed like a little boy’s, I had urges to tousle his hair like he was a little boy, his eyes were blue, and his fingers were not sticks to feel into my crevices. Okay two fine two boys, eyes shut. Fine three okay miss fucking cunt, three. Maybe four, it is possible. Four or five or perhaps six, okay, they offered me designer shoes with their eyelids covering and I said oh yes! I did. Thank you sir. Open your eyes darling. Hey. Hey. Hey now. Hey open your eyes.

Niobe I am you when eyes are shut do you understand, I want to be clear. Me to eyes shut is you, but to eyes open, hey Niobe I am not falling into your trap, cunt. One boy tripped on the way to the shoe store and when he fell down a car ran over his pumpkin head and that was a cause and another boy, these silly little boys, he breathed in the wrong chemical from the street’s air on that walk and asphyxiated, and another boy, he filled up with the accepting, he filled up until the space above his eyebrows turned blue and until crevices formed between his fingers no matter how far apart he held them and until out from behind his eyes and then out from the hair follicles on his head and then out from his erect blown up dick came a blue that was almost as white as the sky, naturally. Another boy brought me back the wrong size and I beat the shit out of him Niobe! Niobe I’d like to open my eyes.

Niobe I’d like to open my eyes because maybe they’re all wrong, right, and maybe you’re like bread. Maybe someone told them to close their eyes one day when she was exhausted and ready for sleep, maybe they forgot, maybe their eyes were closed the whole time. Would you know, Niobe? Can you see? Can you see when you are so full? Niobe how are your lids. Niobe when I feel them, with my sadly rounded fingers of which I cannot keep track with my eyes all squeezed in, there are no crevices. You’ll look young forever, girlfriend, pretty girl.

Niobe if you tried to touch me it wouldn’t matter that your full fingers were round, because my skin would give. My flesh like bread would move with your stone fingers and it would caress them for their pushing, hug them, feel them. The creases under my breasts would part into something smooth like your eyes. And the creases around my cunt too, and the crease between my lips would easily slit, and the crease between my thighs would not even exist because unlike a certain boy’s full fingers and your full bits of chin my thighs are not so full that they cannot separate.

Niobe I think I would let you fuck me, with whatever stone thing you have, if I loved you a little less. Hey Niobe. I love honesty and beauty and the color blue and that is how I love you, girl, I want to be clear. I don’t think I could let you near me and not because you’re not made of bread. Niobe I didn’t know those boys weren’t made of bread until they were gone like pumpkins, no, I could not let you near me in spite of your sexy stone. Yes, no, even if you’re stony and full to the point of pushing me apart, girl, even if you’re full and with nowhere for it to come out, no eye sockets or hair follicles and certainly no dick, for that shit that is definitely not blue and even more definitely not a blue that’s white like the sky, to come out, still, Niobe, I don’t care devil fucking cunt what you say, I do not, Niobe, hey, can you hear me, hey, do you see me girl, hey, are your eyes open, are your eyes open and what, what do you see.