Letter from the Editors

Dear reader,

A few weeks ago, America elected its new President. Then came Thanksgiving. And now, just as final exams and papers are inevitably upon us, we present to you the Yale Little.

It has taken us a good part of the semester to create a vision for the Little, and to reach out to writers and artists, read their work, and incorporate it into our new website. And then as everything was finally coming together, we second-guessed ourselves. What were we doing editing this website when our country and our futures suddenly became unrecognizable?

But the submissions kept coming, and each one affirmed what we had already known. That we find strength in each other, in ourselves, in our voices. That despite our country’s penchant for believing what it wants to believe and ignoring what it doesn’t want to hear, true communication has lost none of its power. In fact, our need to do so has taken on greater urgency.

For this first issue, Emily Boring writes an essay about how her brother returns her family to life’s essentials, while Caroline Kanner presents a lovely photograph of a young woman. Laurence Li observes the life and death of former President Nixon in his poem, which is particularly interesting at this time. Griffin Brown writes about reverberation, not change. And John Lee invites the reader to create something new with him. These pieces remind us to speak and to listen; to write and to read; to create and to appreciate.

We hope that you, like us, can find a moment to step back, breathe, and enjoy this.

Many thanks to our writers,
to Dan and Shea for putting together this incredible website,
to Molly and Ivy for their guidance,
to the rest of the Lit board for their support,
and to you, our reader.

Eric Lin and Catie Liu