benjamin lincoln washington teeth curled back stretched tight gums chewing always chewing green and spitting up ink jackson marched his pretty horses up the rolling raving hill smoke and guns bullets biting gnawing at flesh stripped of marrow bodies endless graveyards honored exalted golden medal wife dead killed by hearsay you say our say they say let them say benjamin lincoln washington jackson marched up his pretty horses stripped my thick slab of flesh inside my mouth organ pulsing and curling words bouncing up and down hitting the sides of a warm hot thing throbbing with veins and blood and nerves jerks and twitches they stripped my thick slab of flesh gone and cut out those white things stabbing cold and ache into there i cannot no more there is no more muscle and arteries pulsating inside my chest a network of gasps and thrashing i sleep heavy in the dark cut out my tongue you cut out my tongue

you silence muffled hands around my throat panting in the black fingers stretching out greedy for thick slimed chocolate licking your skin and hairs and pores defiling wretched filth get out get out of me i dont but i have to they call it the aristocracy of pull the aristocracy of need kings and princes and queens and whores everywhere up and down up and down the merry go round spin spin like stars hurtling into the infinite subjugation of space where you and i small tiny float and stab and curse terrible terrible we are both terrible but your eyes are close dare they not closed shut peeled back retinas blue eyes you have blue eyes but you cant see in space the whorls and warps heavy and slick in the dark

the clink of metal iron in the teeth reaching and curdling and souring like milk left out to rot the flies buzz in me and you the flies buzz and the vultures howl at the moon something soft you have cut down because it was too pretty and you could not buy that could you the moon was not yours and it is not mine but you wanted it anyway you said it was good and fine to cut down everything lay waste gnash through the land ravage pestilence disease war everything bubbled and boiled under our fragility youth and love and death and taxes membrane thrumming and humming we and you and i take me back to that strange place can you feel sorry for an infinite addiction endless and always niggling jiggling dancing up and down up and down love not what you want but what you need hate not what you need but what you want envy is green and callow and foolish odysseus and aphrodite made love under a willow tree toxic bare clothes wrapped around hide me in here do not look at me in my nakedness.