Event Horizon 2: Pretty Rooms


There are rooms in this universe
that are locked. They have no peepholes.


Inside’s a nothing,
a sweet one:

sweet like the nothing of a
door; it just opens and closes,
opening and closing, as there’s
nowhere to go.

It’s not a wall; you can tell —
you can see yourself in the varnish
and the rest of the wall is white.
But this: a maple ellipsis: at least it’s
not all there is, at least it’s, at least there’s nothing.

A full and glowing gasp
(before the words):
I’m funny, and I’m
comely, and you’ll love this,
yes, yes, yes!


Outside thinks it’s in,
but hopes not, as it can
see the rest of the room,
watch it wane, watch it watch —

And watch, they say they see
it’s beautiful out there!
There are growing gardenias
and sometimes it’s sunny, and other times it rains.

And, oh, they flick their hair
cause all they see’s the door:
I’m funny, and I’m
comely, and you’ll love this,
yes, yes, yes!