Creation Myth

Something moved and the world
Was. It was a baby, Twitching and grey. The baby eyeballed
Itself. In the baby’s eyeball was all life and
All life was. Baby saw its greyness and its eyeball
Rolled on its stalk. If Baby did not laugh there could be
No gods. Karma fretted. Someone get that Baby
A dog, it said. There was no dog to be gotten.
Baby’s eyeball regarded Baby
Twitch. Eventually grey Baby perceived twitching as discomfort and
Emotion was. Baby learnt self-hatred—
So karma, a wheel, Baby pawing inside
Like a gerbil. There was just enough power for
The murmuring universe to engender
a very small dog, a second stupid
Pair of eyes to share the duty of universal regarding.
The dog regarded Baby. Baby improved
Somewhat. Karma hoped one day to have enough
Power to make many at once— to have the Universe wheeling
Spit babies out. There was so much to be produced and
Felt in production. In the meantime it practiced
Pleasure and hummed to itself, regarded Baby and Dog regard each other.