.chewing gums

one chewing gum,
one chewing mouth,
many chewing gums on the ground.

people are running,
people can run as fast as they want,
and people can stop if they want, but hardly ever do.
I myself have never been into team sports,
running is for individuals,
and people are good at running.

one hot summer,
one hot weather,
many chewing gums are sticky on the ground.

I see the wall,
the wall is red,
I have been taught that the color on the wall is red.
the person next to me also says that it is red,
but I will never be sure we see the same color.
this makes me incredibly sad.

one revolving wheel,
one revolving tire,
many chewing gums are now on bikes.

people holding hands,
people shaking hands,
people in the past wanted to see others’ hands.
they wanted to check if they had daggers,
they hugged to check if they had knives,
in russia smiling to strangers is very suspicious.

one trail,
one ground,
many rocks stick to chewing gums.

I look at the stars,
I like looking at the stars,
looking at the stars make me feel less lonely.
on Drake’s opinion there are other 23.1 eyes up there,
maybe they believe in their Drake too,
maybe the number 23.1 make them feel less lonely too, but not less alone.

one rock,
two tires,
rocks are tires’ death.

the Bicycle Repairer won’t probably understand,
I’m too much of an implicit person,
so implicit I often don’t understand my thoughts myself.

but he will fix my bike.