Bench Lying

boy comes out, holds soccer ball
takes off shoes
puts carefully aside.
grass glows green, edged hard with sun.
airplane buzz in blue sky.

boy begins to move
dribbles, kicks, jogs
strong legs in strong sun.
boy like dog
content with ball.
amazed he is so easily
girl stares at sky.

gradually, the others:
rainbow of t-shirts and easy shorts
emerging tops of knees.
dog with ball becomes boys with game.
boys run. girl wonders
about ‘boys’
and ‘girls,’ about ‘dog’
and ‘game.’ hot sun.
words wane.

girl has no interest in boys, but
is glad to see bodies in motion
sun lighting up the shapes of them
leaves and
tree trunks and
the muscle under shining skin.
boys kick. girl listens.
sharp hit, loose echo.
bench is for sitting. girl reclines.
just sound, just sky.

girl wonders
why she does not join.
her own muscles are not
hunger. shinbones

(when did bones learn
flinching? when did hunger
turn shy?)

on the way in
slight lean towards grassy field.
walks on.
averts her eyes.