After Laxness

In her dozing ears it took on an incredible note:
the sheep had been killed, but had risen now
after three hours by the aid of the Devil.
—Halldor Laxness, Independent People

when she killed the lamb,
the devil stopped bleating within her,
and she licked its fat from her fingers,
and she drank from its bones,
until at her feet were only
so many hollow pieces like those
of the enormous birds
that had devoured her.

the marrow fed the wooly thing
that had been growing within her,
whose blood was her blood,
and hers alone,
whose muffled screams drowned
in its bed of milk until it learned to swim,
and it kicked to the surface
where it grazed upon her fingers.

and when she then fell to her death,
she released that thing within her,

and it was free
for the first time.