40 Kilometers from Guatemala City

Magician mother balances generations on her head
dodging dashing son, near-daughter, and shriveling stomach. 
Dashing son chases cat chases chicken chases near-daughter’s arms 
too full of baby and Barbie to offer refuge.
Husband hums duet of La Flaca with Bose speaker,
dodging concrete piles and Under Armour backpacks.
Dashing son eludes silhouettes of childhood, slips down dirt slide 
after chicken, sandwich in hand. Snapping branches, breaking bread: 
dashing son has broken chicken’s leg.
Bose speaker falters, white children gasp.
Quiet crescendos, save chicken whimpering.
Husband breaks silence with joke:
ahora es un pollo​.
Magician mother takes ​pollo​ from boy, leaves sandwich in hand,
hushes crying. Sidesteps staring backpacks, stands up straight.
Snapping branches, breaking bread: 
Houdini mother has broken chicken’s neck. 
La Flaca resumes, white children shudder.